Mozilla Firefox 7.0 Released on Aurora Channel

We just noticed that Mozilla has released Firefox Aurora 7 for download on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. With Firefox 5 being the latest stable release that means Firefox 6 has been moved into beta and Firefox 7 is now in Aurora. Firefox 7 is said to focus on performance and memory enhancements. In a blog post made today, Firefox said that for many users memory usage will reduced by 30 percent or more! You can download Firefox 7 to try out the latest build here.

Firefox Aurora 7

Our continuous efforts to monitor and reduce memory consumption in Firefox will substantially pay off with Aurora 7:

  • The memory “zone” where javascript objects reside gets fragmented as objects are created and deleted. To reduce the negative impact of this fragmentation, long-lived objects created by the browser’s own UI have been separated from the objects created by Web pages. The browser can now free memory more efficiently when a tab is closed or after a garbage collection.
  • Speaking of garbage collection, as we successfully reduced the cost of this operation, we are able to execute it more often. Not only is memory freed more rapidly, but this also leads to shorter GC pauses(the period where javascript execution stops to let the garbage collector do his job, which is sometime noticeable during heavy animations).
  • All those improvements are reflected in the about:memory page, which is now able to tell how much memory a particular Web page or the browser’s own UI, is using.

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