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 Looking for a good after market cooling solution for your video card? Adrian’s Rojak Pot  has just posted the Zalman VF700-Cu GPU Cooler Review. When Nate and I were in Dallas for the Winter CPL, these seemed to be the cooler of choice for all the display systems, as well as all the Abit gaming rigs. 

 ” We have already taken a look at the new Zalman VF700-AlCu GPU
cooler. Silent cooling and better performance was what it delivered. But
can we get more out of its unique flower heatsink design?

Today, we take a look at the full-copper version – the Zalman VF700-Cu
GPU cooler! Let’s see how much better it is over the hybrid AlCu! ”


Zalman VF700-Cu GPU Cooler

 @  Adrian’s Rojak Pot

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