Minecraft Update Aquatic Brings Underwater Creatures

Minecraft fans have something to look forward to already in 2018. A big update for the game is set to land sometime in 2018 and it is called the Update Aquatic. This update will bring a new reason to explore the oceans of Minecraft.

It will bring kelp, coral, new fish types, dolphins, and explorable shipwrecks to the mix. The update also includes new water physics and a new trident weapon for defending yourself in the ocean. The trident can be enchanted, thrown at enemies, or used in close quarters combat.

Also coming in 2018 is the Super Duper Graphics pack. This was originally set to launch in 2017, but that won’t happen now. There is no indication of exactly when in 2018 it might land. Minecraft is also getting cross-platform multiplayer capability with Xbox One, PC, mobile, and Switch gamers all able to play together.

Minecraft will also be adding Mob B to Minecraft. Fans voted on what creature to add to the game, and Mob B won the vote. A new mini-game will land in Minecraft called Death Run along with a new server partner The Hive with both coming “very soon.”