Microsoft Shows DirectX 12 on Forza 5 with NVIDIA GeForce Titan Black

Microsoft today introduced DirectX 12 at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. DX12 is Microsoft’s latest version of the graphics API that is the dominant standard in the PC gaming industry. To demonstrate the new API, Microsoft showed a tech demo of the Xbox One racing game Forza 5 running on a PC powered by an NVIDIA GeForce Titan Black. The demo was quick, but showed Forza 5 running smoothly at ~60 FPS in the room of developers and press.



  • I hate turtles

    I read somewhere that DX12 was Dx11 with mantle integrated within it. Could be a crock of smelly stuff but that was what was reported.
    Also the report here is kinda light on details. “Forza 5 running smoothly at ~60 FPS”. The resolution wasn’t mentioned at all for some reason. 640×480? Why also the 60fps mention too. Did it always do exactly 60fps or did it dip to 45fps and run sometimes at 60 and sometimes at 80?

    • basroil

      resolution was never mentioned anywhere but is at least 1080p, and some german sites state the thing was 1080p. As for framerate, the youtube video clearly shows fixed 60.0/60.1 fps (vsync enabled) without a single drop, stutter, or artifact.

  • nvidiasucks

    60fps on titan black is a big joke… nvidia are slipping fast

    • basroil

      You had several hundred million triangles a second there, on an alpha build without any of the needed optimizations for actual release builds. The titan was there just to do the same that the A10+7990 tests AMD showed off, i.e. showing the most lopsided build that would actually benefit from it.

  • Billy Gate

    We should make a petition for Forza 5 to PC.

    • basroil

      According to microsoft DX12 lets you port almost any xbox one game almost as-is. Not sure if this means crappy PC ports galore or more games for PC (or both)

    • nvidiasucks

      keep dreaming.. only on xbox one