Microsoft Releasing White Xbox One Console For Development Team?

xbox one white2


There are rumors that a limited  Microsoft Xbox One will be made available specifically for the Xbox One development team. While if these exclusive versions hold to be true, then obviously they won’t be available to the general public. It is worth mentioning that the White Xbox One does look pretty. The console itself as well as the controller get a new coat of color. The Kinect sensor doesn’t get the same treatment and is left with its OEM glossy black appearance.  The console seems to also be branded with “I MADE THIS” and “LAUNCH DAY 2013”. Accordingly, the Launch-Day Dev console pack claims to also come with a FREE year of Xbox Live. All this is supposed to come free to the small team of developers at Microsoft. 

Who else besides me, thought that these guys would normally get all of this for free normally? After some research, I discovered that MS employees get a ‘discount’ for Xbox live, but even they have to pony-up for the online services.

You can find the original Reddit post here. If your interested in what comes in the box for Launch Day you can check out our article here

xbox one white3