Metal Gear Survive Charges Extra for Character Save Slots

It seems like the gaming industry is always out to get money out of gamers for features that gamers expect to come with the game. This is exactly what is going on with Konomi and its new game Metal Gear Survive that launched last week. The game itself sells for $39.99 and comes with only one-character slot by default.

At least only one save slot that is available for the player to access. Three additional character slots are available, but they are locked unless you spend 1000 SV coins to unlock it. SV coins are the games in-game currency. Those $1000 coins will cost you about $10.

There is no way to earn the coins in the game, but Konomi was giving out coins over the weekend for players who logged into the game. If players logged in every day during the special, they would have landed 120 SV coins. Lots of other in-game purchases can be made.

Coins can boost the productivity of Exploration Teams, increase food production, and boost other game features. The game is rife with in-game purchases for bonuses for everything from boosting experience points to upgrading weapons reports Polygon.