Math Is Done: Napster To Go Doesn’t Add Up

This article done by the Washington Post and published on Yahoo News puts a new twist on how to look at the Napster Music Service. It turns out that the Napster To Go’s $15 monthly bills, will keep coming due for as long as you care to listen to your downloads.  Even if you don’t plan on downloading more songs you will have to continue to pay the $15 a month for the songs you already downloaded.  This won’t matter if you plan to pay the $15 a month anyway, but paints a big dark cloud for those who want to pay $15 to fill their PC and then no longer pay monthly.

“Whether you like Napster To Go, the online store’s new music subscription service, depends on whether you think of it as all-you-can-eat or all-you-can-pay. Both descriptions are accurate. For $15 a month, Napster To Go offers unlimited song downloads — in a copy-restricted format that can be played only on Windows XP computers and some digital music players — but these songs expire if you don’t keep paying that fee each month.”

If that isn’t bad enough check this out:

“Because this underlying software is so new, Napster To Go is the least compatible music store in existence. You can use it only on a Windows XP computer running Windows Media Player 10, and you can transfer your downloads only to a Windows Media-compatible player that includes special software and circuitry to enforce the pay-to-play deal.”

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