To Use Facial Recognition To Find Matches will soon allow users to upload pictures exes to determine they type of facial structure they’re attracted to. Or at least, that’s how they’re advertising it. On the other end of the spectrum, people are seeing the new feature as a bizarre and creepy way to find someone that looks just like an ex. Match is teaming up with another online dating service called Three Day Rule, which already specializes in premium matchmaking services seemingly involving a series of interviews before matches even meet. The Washington Post through down the $5000 fee (for six months of service) just too see what’s to be expected from the service. The results are pretty incredible.

Washington Post Match 1


Washington Post Match 2

Washington Post Match 3

Technologically impressive? Absolutely. A bit weird? Absolutely. Regardless, companies only sell products that they believe people will purchase. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before you find that one of your exes is in fact dating someone that they’ve found based on an algorithm applied to a picture of your face. There’s other, equally odd, perks to the $5000 subscription though. Your own personal dating adviser will coach you through the dating world. They’ll even meet up with your dates ahead of time to scope them out for you!

Not to mention all the wonderful moral dilemmas involved for both parties. Are you OK with seeing a new person that reminds you of an ex? SHOULD you be OK with that? What happens when the new significant other finds out!? It looks like we’ve finally reached the future; and mates can be selected via computation (but only if you’ve got a $5k to throw at it).