Mario Kart 8 Update Removes Offensive Inkling Girl Gesture

Nintendo has released a new patch for Mario Kart 8 that does several things for the game. The most noticeable thing about the game is that a gesture that is offensive in some parts of the world that Inkling Girl performs after a win has been changed.

The first image below is the original animation that shows the character give the old “up yours” gesture that I can’t believe the developer for the character didn’t know could be offensive to some. The second image is the new animation. The update removed that arm crossed over the bicep and makes Inkling Girl now just hold up a clenched fist after a win reports Kotaku.

That’s not all the patch brings to the game. Version 1.1 patch also gives opponent names in the rear view mirror for online matches. The period where you are invincible after a spin-out or crash has been lengthened in online matches. Up to two players can now be spectators during a friend group race while they wait to join.

Worldwide and regional modes now add players to mirror and 200cc matches less frequently. Friend lobby can now hold 100 or more people. Starting positions in online races show the order in which the players joined the race. Driver Miis now have proper facial animations and the tournament clock reflects real-world time.