MagnaChip and Tezzaron to manufacture worlds first 3D chips

Silicon Strategies reports a partnership between Tezzaron, and MagnaChip the latter once the non-memory division of Hynix Semiconductor. The fruits of partnership will bring to market; ” the worlds first and true three-dimensional chips.” Tezzaron located in Naperville ILL., a “Fabless chip designer,” announced re-programable 3D RAM chips which run above 500MHz, utilizing less then 2-ns latecnies.  Tezzaron design’s are based on manufacturing technology know as FaStack, in which 8″ wafers are stacked using copper both as a bonding agent and interconnect. The IC’s perform 3 – 10 times better then existing technologies due to the vertical interconnects just 10 microns in length. Although the 3D RAM is currently manufactured on a somewhat dated .18-micron process, the stacking manufacturing technique should significantly reduce costs. Magnachip will manufacture Tezzaron design’s in their Seoul, South Korea foundry, including “3D IC’s and sensors.” 

“Youm Huh, president and CEO of MagnaChip, is also bullish on 3D chips. ‘3D RAM is expected to become one of the fastest growing IC segments, led by growth in digital camera applications, cell phones and portable consumer electronics,’ he said. ‘The benefits to manufacturers include increased performance, lower cost of ownership, faster time to market and better product performance.” Silicon Stategies


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