League of Legends Season 4 Worlds Playoffs Schedule Outlined

League of Legends Season 4 Worlds

Riot Games has pushed out the full event schedule for the Season 4 World Championship, the highest premiere League of Legends tournament event where 16 of the world’s best team compete for $1 million and the World Championship title. Previously, three host countries were announced with the group stages being held in Taipei and Singapore which was upsetting news to Korean League fans who were expecting the entirety of the tournament to be played in Korea.

Instead, the quarterfinals, semi-finals, and grand final are to be held in Korea with the grand final set to be played in Sangam Stadium, Seoul’s 2002 FIFA World Cup stadium. The initial selection of the host nation for the League of Legends Season 4 World Championship came after one of the Season 3 Korean teams, SK T1, won the 2013 Season 3 World Championship title in Los Angeles last fall.LCS Season 3 Worlds

The now revealed tournament and livestream schedule will last for one month through September and October with stream times largely not favorable to North American viewers. The dates and times are as follow:


GROUP STAGE ONE: September 18 – 21

Taipei, Taiwan

September 18 – 21
Local time: 5pm – 11pm
PDT: 2am – 8am
CEST: 11am – 5pm
KST: 6pm – 12pm


GROUP STAGE TWO: September 25 – 28

Singapore, Singapore

Sept 25 – 26 Sept 27 – 28
Local time: 5pm – 10pm Local time: 2pm – 7pm
PDT: 2am – 8am PDT: 11pm – 5am
CEST: 11am – 5pm CEST: 8am – 2pm
KST: 6pm – 12am KST: 3pm – 9pm



Busan, Korea

October 3 October 4 – 5 October 6
Local time: 5pm – 10pm Local time: 2pm – 7pm Local time: 5pm – 10pm
PDT: 1am – 6am PDT: 10pm – 3am PDT: 1am – 6am
CEST: 10am – 3pm CEST: 7am – 12pm CEST: 10am – 3pm


SEMIFINALS: October 11-12

Seoul, Korea

October 11 – 12
Local time – 5pm – 10pm
PDT – 1am – 6am
CEST – 10am – 3pm


FINALS: October 19

Seoul, Korea

October 19
Local time – 4pm – 9pm (3:30 Opening Ceremony)
PDT – 12am – 5am (11:30pm Opening Ceremony)
CEST – 9am – 2pm (8:30am Opening Ceremony)