Kingston SDC/1GB-2ADP microSD Card Review

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Conclusion and Bottom Line

MP3 player and a smart phone

If you’re reading this then you are in the market of expanding the storage of your particular mobile device, whether it be your phone or MP3 player. With the SD and MiniSD card adaptors you should have no problems moving data between your devices, or even using the card in multiple devices.

With the Kingston SDC/1GB-2ADP card you have room for:

  • 5MP Camera: 595 images
  • MP3 & WMA Songs: 190 Titles
  • Audio books: 102 Books
  • Video: 68 minutes
  • Email: 21,766 individual emails

With the Kingston SDC/2GB-ADP card you have room for:

  • 5MP Camera: 1190 images
  • MP3 & WMA Songs: 380 Titles
  • Audio books: 204 Books
  • Video: 136 minutes
  • Email: 43,532 individual emails

With people taking to the mobile lifestyle is easy to see why people want/need the extra storage for their device. The card and adaptors come in the nice case that keeps everything protected, and with its small size should not take up loads of room in what ever you store it in.

With the popularity of the microSD now, unlike in the past, it is easy to find. At this time you can find the Kingston SDC/1GB-2ADP for around $15 and the Kingston SDC/2GB-2ADP for around $23. So in the grand scheme of the mobile world it’s a inexpensive upgrade. All Kingston Technology microSD cards come with a lifetime warranty and 24/7 technical support, which means peace of mind if the card should ever fail down the road.

Ligit Bottom Line: For under $20 you can easily expand the storage space for your phone, or for under $30 get you can cram more music albums on phone than your friends. If you are in the market for more storage space with innovative media adapters then Kingston branded microSD cards should be on your short list of options.

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