Kingston, OCZ and Super Talent USB Flash Drives

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Need a New USB Flash Drive?

USB Flash Drives have long replaced floppy disks and nearly every enthusiast has at least one, but is it time to upgrade the drive you already own?  With Flash memory prices being more than affordable one can find 2GB USB keys for just over $20, which is a heck of a bargain compared to what a couple of years ago.  The first thumb drive Legit Reviews wrote about was the $39 Trek ThumbDrive Secure 16MB back in 2003! This drive was capable of 700kB/sec read speeds, which is nothing compared to the latest drives that are pushing over 30,000kB/sec!  A couple weeks ago at Computex 2007 memory companies Kingston Technology, OCZ Technology and Super Talent gave us samples of one of their more recent USB drives to try out and to see what we think of them. 

Super Talent 200X DH, OCZ Rally2 and Kingston DT Mini USB Flash Drives

LR has been using these Flash drives for the past couple of weeks and it seems that OCZ Technology and Super Talent have aimed their efforts at increasing the transfer speeds on their products, while Kingston Technology has been hard at work building a small device that appeals to both men and women. Let’s take a closer look at the drives!

The USB Drives:

Super Talent – The 1GB Super Talent DH has an aluminum body with a plastic cap on it that doesn’t quit fit correctly. The Super Talent DH series is all about speed and is rated at 200X with data transfer speeds in excess of 30MB per second. The DH series of 200x flash drives are available in capacities from 512MB to 8GB. Super Talent offers a limited lifetime warranty on their DH series USB Flash drives.

OCZ Technology – The 4GB OCZ Technology Rally2 Flash Drive is the sleeker and more ergonomic version of the original Rally. OCZ says that the Rally2 can read data at up to 28MB/s so it should compete with the Super Talent DH series. The Rally2 series from OCZ is offered in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities with all of the drives having an orange LED status light. OCZ Technology also offers a limited lifetime warranty on their Rally2 series USB Flash drives

Kingston Technology – The 1GB Kingston DT Mini Migo is a colorful, mini-sized, USB 2.0 Flash drive that has a retractable cap to prevent losing it and features a really small form factor design. Kingston doesn’t mention transfer speeds with this drive as it’s aimed to sell by looks and size versus speed. The Kingston DT Mini is available in 512MB (red), 1GB (light blue) and 2GB (light purple) capacities. The DT Mini series also comes backed with a five-year warranty and 24/7 tech support.

Super Talent 200X DH, OCZ Rally2 and Kingston DT Mini USB Flash Drives

With the caps removed/retracted the business side of the Flash drives can easily been seen. How do you think these three Flash drives rank in terms of performance? No need to take a guess as the results are on the next page!

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