Kingston HyperX PC-9200 2GB Memory Review

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On down the Line With Kingston


Kingston PC-9200


Up on the test bench is Kingston’s HyperX PC-9200 2x 1GB RAM. This RAM is set up to be that perfect medium. Faster than most RAM, but still within a price point just below that of the HyperX PC-9600 and other higher end memory. This RAM should put it right at that sweet spot where you can afford to have some RAM in your system with great performance without burning a hole in your pocket. The RAM isnt anything out of the norm for Kingston, just another minor speed increase that should hopefully provide more than a minor performance increase. PC-9200 is pretty dang fast (1.150GHz), though no front side bus really truly supports it quite yet. But how well does this higher speed, big named RAM work? Will this RAM hold up to the Kington name?


Model: KHX9200D2K2/2G

Voltage: 2.3-2.35V

Speed: 1150MHz

Size: 2 GB

CAS: 5

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