Kingston 512-MB microSD Memory Card Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Kingston microSD Adapter

If you are reading this article it is highly likely that you are trying to increase the storage capacity on your cellular phone.  The Kingston 512-MB microSD card expands the memory storage on your phone by 478MB, which allows you to store more songs, minutes of video and e-mails.

With a 256-MB card you should expect the following storage capacities:

  • 1 Megapixel Camera – 393 Pictures
  • MP3 & WMA Songs – 48 Song Titles
  • MPEG1 Videos – 17 minutes of Video
  • E-Mails – 5440 Individual e-mails

Compare that to the 512-MB card:

  • 1 Megapixel Camera – 786 Pictures
  • MP3 & WMA Songs – 95 4MB Song Titles
  • MPEG1 Videos – 34 minutes of Video
  • E-Mails – 10883 Individual e-mails

With capacities like this it is easy to understand why many people want more memory for storage on their cell phones.  The Kingston SDC/512 card Kingston comes with everything you need to use the card.  It comes with a plastic storage case and a microSD to SD adapter card.  The adapter allows you to use the microSD card in any Secure Digital (SD) reader and any recent notebook PC with a SD reader built in. To top it all off the Kingston microSD card comes with lifetime warranty, but only if you don’t lose it.  With flash memory becoming so small the only thing you have to worry about is losing it!

The hardest thing about buying microSD is finding it.  Before posting this article we went to the local Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, Office Depot and Best Buy retail stores in St. Louis, Missouri only to find Best Buy being the only store to carry them.  If you are looking buy a microSD card and live in a medium to small sized town buying one online will give you more brand selection and lower prices. The Kingston SDC/256 256-MB microSD card can be purchased directly from the Kingston website for $23, while the Kingston SDC/512 will set you back $38.50. With Flash memory prices falling so quickly a 512-MB microSD card are priced at what the original 256-MB cards were when they first came out. Pretty soon we will be able to enjoy full-length movies that are stored on Flash memory cards. A single movie can fit on a Flash memory card as small as 128-MB for TV-like 30fps full-screen high-quality display on a mobile phone. With a 512-MB microSD card you will have the ability to have four full-length movies on your card. With the 1GB microSD cards many months away the 512-MB cards are ideal to have!

Legit Bottom Line: For under $40 the Kingston 512-MB microSD flash memory card will give your mobile phone ample room for digital media storage and make sure you can take advantage of the latest mobile trends.

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