Kingston 32GB DataTraveler 200 USB Flash Drive

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions


Since all storage drives use 1 Megabyte (MB) = 1,000,000 bytes to figure out the storage capacity the drive will be a little smaller than some expect. Some of the listed capacity is also used for formatting and other functions and is therefore not available for data storage.

Kingston DataTraveler 200 32GB Capacity

The actual usable storage space on the 32GB Kingston DataTraveler 200 is 29.8GB as you can see from the drive properties screen capture shown above.

Kingston DataTraveler 200 USB 2.0

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The Kingston 32GB DataTraveler 200 USB 2.0 Flash drive’s robust storage capability lets consumers store complete libraries of music, photos and videos. It is also a great tool for business users who carry around large databases or files. For example, one of the servers that powers Legit Reviews went down last month and we actually used this drive on our failed server to get the MySQL database we needed off it. In an emergency like that you need hardware that works and is reliable, so we were happy with the DT200 was up to the task. The performance of the drive was also nice as we found it to be significantly faster than the DT112 that we benchmarked it against. Looking back at the benchmark numbers they are solid, but still left some room to be desired when it comes to write performance. To be honest you can never have enough performance, so until the USB 2.0 bus is saturated we will always say we want faster flash drives.

Speaking about speed, we wonder when Kingston will announce DataTraveler SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ready devices. Our guess is that they will be coming out in the not too distant future and if we are lucky we might even get to see some at CES 2010 next month. We just had a peak at SuperSpeed USB 3.0 performance last month and it is by far one of the most impressive performance jumps that we have ever seen since Legit Reviews began reviewing computer hardware back in 2002. USB 3.0 is only just now started to come to market though, but should be more popular once companies like Intel integrate USB 3.0 technology in their chipsets.

  • 32GB – Blue – DT200/32GB – $79.99
  • 64GB – Yellow – DT200/64GB – $150.99
  • 128GB – Grey – DT200/128GB – $396.99

When it comes to pricing, the entire Kingston DataTraveler 200 family is competitive with other drives of the same capacity and similar features. The DataTraveler 200 pulls ahead of many of the others, though, thanks
to the five year warranty and legendary 24/7 tech support where we have been able to get an RMA number in under 15 minutes. If you are looking for a mainstream USB Flash drive that features solid performance numbers and password protection to carry all your songs, photos, databases and documents when you’re on the go then give the DT200 a closer look this holiday season.

Kingston DataTraveler 101 USB 2.0 Flash Drive Value Award

Legit Bottom Line: The Kingston 32GB DataTraveler 200 is a solid performing mainstream USB 2.0 Flash drive that has the ability to store massive amounts of data for those needing it.

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