KINGMAX has released the mSATA MMP30 SSD that uses the SATA III 6Gb/s interface for Intel Ultrabooks, tablets, Small Form Factor, or embedded systems. It is equipped with the high performance LSI Sandforce SF-2241 controller. With this controller and MLC NAND Flash the 64GB and 128GB MMP30’s maximum sequential write speed can reach as high as 520MB/s with a maximum sequential read speed as high as 320MB/s. The 32GB version has 320MB/s read and write speeds. Capacities come in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. No word on pricing just yet.

Kingmax mSATA MMP30 SSD

For computer gamers, the KINGMAX mSATA MMP30 SSD is the most economical storage device for performance upgrade. Once the mainboard supports mSATA and the Intel ®Smart Response Technology (SRT), the mSATA SSD can be configured through SRT to set the cache memory between the hard drive and the system memory. Computer gamers no longer need to spend much money purchasing large capacity solid-state drives. Just install the MMP30 mSATA SSD with ordinary hard drives to allow the system to keep the super large capacities of traditional hard drives, and have the performance advantages of solid-state drives. It is undoubtedly a smart and economical system upgrade.


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