January’s Free PS4 PS Plus Games Announced

The end of the year is neigh and for gamers a new month means new free video games, assuming you have a PS Plus membership. Sony has announced the free PS Plus games for PS4 owners that will land next month, and they are pretty good games.

The first of them is “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided”. In this game players can be a tech-enhanced ghost or use that tech to kill everyone, the choice is up to you. The other game for PS4 owners is “Batman: The Telltale Series”.

This is the first season of the Telltale Batman story that lets players play as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Both of those PS4 games will be available starting on January 2 and are certainly worth a download.

PS VR owners also have some cool games to download with “StarBlood Arena” available for the VR headset. The game “That’s You” for Playlink will also content to be available along with “Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness”. PS3 gamers aren’t left out, “Sacred 3” is available for you reports GameSpot.