Intel Releases 34nm SSD Firmware Fix – 2CV102HD

Chip-maker Intel promised to supply a fix for their October firmware update by the end of November and quietly missed that deadline. For certain Windows 7 installs it seems that once the TRIM firmware update was applied it would brick certain users’ solid-state drives (SSD). The decision by Intel to stop the firmware’s availability was due to various reports, including several disgruntled forum posts, that the software was bricking certain users drives. If you installed the firmware and had it work then you were able to get TRIM support and an instant performance boost on the sequential write speeds as the speeds have been increased to 100MB per second on the 160GB models. That is a 40 percent performance improvement over the previous firmware version. It seems a new ‘fixed’ firmware version was released late yesterday that solves the bricking issue without hurting overall drive performance. This is the fourth firmware update for the 34nm SSDs since they have been released. The firmware revisions in order are 02G2, 02G9, 02HA, 02HD. You’ll want to download firmware revision 2CV102HD for the very best performance and stability.

Intel X25-M 34nm SSD Drive

Firmware revision 2CV102HD has several continuous improvement optimizations intended to provide the best possible user experience with the Intel SSD.


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