Intel Releases 15.31.17 Graphics Drivers – Over 25 Bug Fixes For Ivy Bridge and Haswell Processors

Intel Iris Pro, Iris and HD graphics users will be happy to know that they have a new graphics driver to use!
Intel released graphics drivers (AKA: 15.31.17) for Windows users this week that has a 26 bug fixes for both on 3rd and 4th Generation Intel Core Processors. This driver supports both 32-bit and 64-bit variants of Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 8.
Intel Video Card Driver
We have these drivers running on an Intel Core i7-3770K processor with no issues yet! This is a significant video driver update as it fixes three issues on Intel 3rd Generation Core processors (Ivy Bridge) and another 23 issues on both Intel 4th Gen Core processors (Haswell) and possibly 3rd Gen Core processors (Ivy Bridge).
We are very happy to see Intel releasing quarterly driver updates and having a significant number of improvements in them.  Intel graphics have really improved over the past several years and now that they are able to handle fairly significant game titles, the driver support needs to be stepped up a notch or two. Intel remains commented to supporting gamers and we are glad to see that.
The following issues were fixed on 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors:

  • Hang no longer occurs when running the 3D Text screen saver for a long time. (Windows 8)
  • Fixed an issue where monitors not supporting EDID were locked to 1366×768 resolution. (Windows 7, Windows 8)
  • Resolved DWM.exe crash error “Desktop Window Manager stopped working and was closed” reported on systems with discrete graphics with Switchable Graphics enabled. (Windows 7, Windows 8)

The following issues were found on 4th Generation Intel Core Processors. Some may also be seen on 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors.

  • Resolved the no video issue that may be seen after moving the HDMI display from non-Intel graphics port to the Intel graphics port. (Windows 7, Windows 8)
  • BioShock game: Corruption no longer seen in the beginning of game. (Windows 7)
  • Resolved issue where the mouse cursor or welcome screen shifts/jumps when booting into Windows. (Windows 8)
  • Resolved issue where a second HD audio device shows in Windows Sound properties control panel after unplugging the DisplayPort monitor. (Windows 8)
  • Display no longer flickers when running a camera application. (Windows 8)
  • Resolved flash seen on laptop display after changing from a low resolution to a high resolution using touch. (Windows 8)
  • Sandra 2013 Cryptography SHA 512: Resolved Compute Shader Error 339 seen. (Windows 7)
  • Battlefield 3 game: Corruption no longer seen on train floor. (Windows 7, Windows 8)
  • Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 Basic (OpenGL) application: checkerboard corruption no longer seen on right side of the window. (Windows 8)
  • Resolved issue where stereoscopic 3D (S3D) signal remains on the Windows desktop after stopping the playback of S3D video over an Intel Wireless Display (Intel WiDi) or after connecting Intel WiDi while the Blu-ray video plays. (Windows 8)
  • Resolved issue where incorrect SDVO information was shown in the Intel Graphics Control Panel. (Windows 8)
  • Resolved sporadic issue where a 4Kx2K display may be blank. (Windows 7, Windows 8)
  • The Intel HD Audio device in Windows Device Manager no longer shows a yellow exclamation point after Microsoft Sysprep. (Windows 8)
  • Resolved issue where xvYCC & YCbCr color options may not appear in the Intel Graphics Control Panel after connecting an HDMI panel. (Windows 8)
  • Metro Video’s sound can be paused after resume from Standby state. (Windows 8)
  • Resolved an issue where the Intel Display Audio is not listed in the Windows Device Manager after connecting an HDMI monitor and then resuming from Standby/Hibernate mode. (Windows 8)
  • Resolved a crash issue that may be seen after inserting H.264 file into a timeline of Corel VideoStudio Pro. (Windows 8)
  • Resolved an issue where 2560×1080 resolution was not available on the third DisplayPort 1.2 monitor when daisy chained (This feature is supported only on 4th Generation Intel Core Processors). (Windows 8)
  • Resolved an issue where power on the second and third monitors are not detected while daisy-chained. (Windows 7, Windows 8)
  • Resolved a corruption issue seen in a recursive Gaussian test. (Windows 7, Windows 8)
  • Resolved a corruption issue seen in Resident Evil 5* Benchmark (DirectX 10). (Windows 8)
  • Fixed an issue where a vertical line unexpectedly appears on the right side while at the Windows locked screen, when screen is unlocked, or when resuming from Sleep or Hibernate state. (Windows 8)
  • Fixed issue where screen may turn black after switching to Clone mode. (Windows 8)