Intel Core i7-2700K Sandy Bridge 3.5 GHz CPU Review

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Cinebench R11.5


MAXON recently released CINEBENCH Release 11.5, an advanced hardware
testing suite that assesses a computer’s performance capabilities.
CINEBENCH is based on the same powerful technology as MAXON’s
award-winning animation software CINEMA 4D, which is used extensively by
studios and production houses worldwide for 3D content creation. The
new version of CINEBENCH includes the ability to more accurately test
the industry’s latest hardware, including systems with up to 64
processor threads, and the testing environment better reflects the
expectations of today’s production demands. A more streamlined interface
makes testing systems and reading results incredibly straightforward.
Again, higher Frames/Second and point score equal better performance.

Cinebench 10

Cinebench R11.5 was able to put a 100% load across all the cores on
all of the processors, which makes this a great benchmark to look at
multi-core platforms.

Cinebench R11.5 Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results: The Intel Core i7-2700K has a 3% clock frequency boost over the 2600K and in Cinebench we saw a 2.3% performance improvement. As you can see the difference between a 2600K and a 2700K is minimal, but measurable.   

Cinebench R11.5 Results

Benchmark Results: When looking at single core performance the Intel Core i7-2700K is on par with many of the other Intel Sandy Bridge processors. The AMD Llano and Bulldozer based processors don’t stand a chance!

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