Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor QX9650 Review

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POV-Ray Real-Time Raytracing

Legit Reviews was e-mailed by one of the developers over at POV-Ray to see if LR could include real-time raytracing in our performance analysis and we were more than happy to include the data in our testing. 

E-Mail From POV-Ray — I thought I might ping you about an experimental feature we’ve added to the POV-Ray SMP beta: real-time raytracing. It’s mostly useful to folks who have multi-core systems and in fact is something that I’ve wanted to do for years but the hardware just wasn’t there (at least not in the consumer price range). It works best on a kentsfield or later, but a core 2 duo should be sufficient if you don’t mind sub-10fps frame rates.

If you want to try it out it please feel free to grab it from:

POV-Ray real-time raytracing Results

This experimental software by POV-Ray was a welcomed addition to our testing and was able to spread the work load across all the cores in even our eight core V8 test system as seen above, but let’s take a look at how the Intel QX9650 does.

POV Ray RTR Benchmark Chart

Results: The Intel QX9650 does roughly one frame per second better than the QX6850 in real-time raytracing, which is impressive as both processors are running 3GHz clock frequencies.

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