Intel Core 2 Extreme Mobile X9000 on the Dell M1730

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Power Consumption Numbers

Dell XPS M1730 Power Consumption

With energy consumption being such a big deal in the market today, I bumped it up before the performance benchmarks to give you the information you desire quicker. To get power consumption numbers I ran Cinebench R10 32-bit on all the dual-core notebooks below to give you an idea of how the Intel X9000 compare to a couple other notebooks.

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When it comes to power consumption, the Dell XPS M1730 uses nearly twice the power that the Dell XPS M1710 consumes, but that makes sense as it has two video cards and more hardware inside. I included overclocking power consumption results as well since they are interesting to see.  One would expect the idle Wattage should since the remain the same, but it does not. If you recall on the previous page the fan speed increases the higher the system is overclocked, so the increase at idle speeds is due to the notebook cooling system fans ramping up. Every multiplier increase the load Wattage increases 7-8 Watts, which is due to voltage increases on the CPU and the higher clock speed. The battery life on the Dell XPS M1730 is around an hour and 20 minutes, which is pretty good right out of the box. The Hypersonic Avenger AG2 lasts about the same amount of time and has just integrated graphics and the Intel T9300 processor as I showed you in my review on that notebook. The Dell XPS M1730 uses a ton of power, but remember it is still far less than a desktop and these numbers include the LCD display!

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