Intel Brings Iris Pro To Desktop Processors – Broadwell-K Socket 1150 CPUs Will Have GT3 Graphics

The 4th generation Intel Core processors (Haswell) are nearly half a year old and some enthusiasts can’t wait for Broadwell-K to come out in late 2014 or early 2105. Broadwell will only work on motherboards with Intel 9 series chipsets as Intel made a number of changes with the power specifications for LGA1150 and moved some power components off the CPU and back to the motherboard. At IDF 2013, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich noted that there will be some nice performance gains with Broadwell and a 30-percent improvement on power consumption versus Haswell. CPU World claims that all of the Broadwell-K processors, the high-end unlocked enthusiast parts, will be featuring Intel Iris Pro (GT3) graphics with 128 MB of integrated eDRAM memory. This would be the first time that Intel would be putting Iris Pro graphics on a socketed desktop processor, which is good news for desktop users. This will certainly bring a welcomed boost to graphics performance and other GPU-related technologies, such as Quick sync video and transcoding. Intel Iris Pro 5000 Graphics are said to double 3D graphics performance on the current generation of processors (4th generation Intel Core i7-4558U processor versus 3rd generation Intel Core i3-3687U processor), so we can only hope for something similar on Broadwell-K in comparison to Intel HD Graphics 4000.


  • spantherix

    Intel sucks -.-

    As long I have to wait (2014-2015 WTF???) for Iris Pro, I will just dump Intel now! If they don’t want to sell solutions, fine then! I go with A10-7850k AMD APU (Kaveri) which has hUMA Memory Architecture (much better performance!). It runs Battlefield 4 lagfree on ULTRA! Watch it yourself!

    • AndrewLB

      The benchmarks that just came out prove the claim that this chip can run battlefield 4 on ultra is just a lie.It may play the game ok at medium levels and not outside. Notice the frames drop to ~30 just by walking by a window? Imagine the large expansive outdoor areas! It probably drops to 10-15fps.

  • lanister

    The CEO of Intel has already stated that they delayed SHIPPING MASS PRODUCED BROADWELL PARTS TO OEM’s until Q1 2014 due to defect density issues. The first chips out the door will be the smallest die area chips – i.e Core i5 mobile NOT high end big die area K series chips.


    voir: Nexus 5 & ipad air

  • basroil

    Here’s to hoping for a semi-NUC with LGA1150 (lets say 50% larger area) and Broadwell-K for some awesome robots

  • David Calloway

    The only thing I want to know is will the lids finally be soldered this time around?

  • WilliamDB

    I don’t mean to be that guy, but the 4558U is an i7 processor

  • AP

    I don’t want to wait till early 2105. I’ll be dead by then.

    • Harry_Wild

      Are you still alive?
      It April and no Broadwell with Iris Pro yet!