In-Win Ironclad ATX Full Tower PC Case Review

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External Impressions

Front of the In-Win Ironclad

After unwrapping the Ironclad it’s not hard to see that this case is a bit of a beast. It’s about as tall as the HAF-932 that’s sitting not too far away. In fact, they are about the same size with the Ironclad being a little thinner. It is sporting a mesh on the front that is more “open” than the mesh on most cases. It should provide more than enough airflow for your hardware.

Reverse side of the Ironclad front bezel

A nice feature I almost missed happens to be on the inside part of the front bezel. Every bay cover has a filter to aid in dust reduction.

Top of the In-Win Ironclad

Up top you can see the slots for two 120mm fans and there is enough room for a dual 120mm radiator if one decides to go that route. Then you have the front panel with the Power/Reset buttons and it sports four USB 2.0 ports, a Firewire, HD Audio, and then last but not least, two e-SATA ports.

Left Side Panel of the In-Win Ironclad

Onward to the side; you’ll get to see the 22cm (220mm) LED fan that also happens to have an On/Off switch next to it. Nice feature there. Last feature on the side is the ability to install six 120mm fans for some serious cooling. Every screw hole has a rubber grommet to aid in noise reduction. You may have seen this before on another case by In-Win, the Maelstrom that we reviewed last year.

Right Side Panel of the In-Win Ironclad

The other side is as plain as they come. Not a bad thing.

Back of the In-Win Ironclad

Moving on to the back, we see the whole back side is painted a matte black, with the power supply mount on the bottom. Above the power supply area there are the four water cooling tube inlets/outlets. Most cases I’ve seen only use two, maybe three at the most. Next feature I like is that it has 8 expansion slots, which means the Ironclad has more than enough room to handle triple GPU setups no matter what motherboard you have if one chooses to do so. A motherboard with a layout like the Asus Rampage II Extreme or the ASUS P6X58D Premium (both have same pci-e layout) will have no problem installing more than two dual-slotted GPU’s inside this case. Above the slots is the exhaust for the 120mm fan in the back. And last but not least, we have thumbscrews holding the panels on. A very nice feature should you not have a screwdriver handy.

Bottom of the In-win Ironclad

On the bottom we have the stand that swivels 90 degrees, each having two rubber feet. The only other mentionable feature is the vent for the bottom mounted power supply.

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