In-Win BUC PC Gaming Case Review

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Final Thoughts & Conclusions

In-Win BUC Gaming Case Features

The In Win BUC gaming chassis is a very well built steel computer case that has a simple layout and feel, yet the case still offers a variety
of useful features normally found on more expensive cases. Having features like the “EZ-swap” or Hot-Swap storage drive bays with a lockable door, SuperSpeed USB 3.0, the convenient utility tray on top that gives you a place to easily connect headsets, cameras, smartphones and external storage drive or even the fantastic build quality is something you usually can’t find in a case that is $89.99 after rebate. If you like the “shield” appearance of the BUC then you’ll find a PC case that should be a great choice for those looking to spend less than $100.
In-Win BUC Gaming Chassis

The In Win BUC has plenty of room for all but the most expensive graphics cards as it fits up to  300mm or 11.8″ long video cards. Video cards like the AMD Radeon HD 6990 are over a foot long and won’t fit, but chances are if you are buying a $500+ video card you won’t be buying a sub $100 gaming case. The In Win BUC also does well with CPU coolers and fits heatsinks up to 170mm, though installing massive heatsinks will mean that you may not be able to use the optional side panel case fans. When it comes to cooling the In Win BUC comes with two 120mm case fans and a 140mm fan with the ability to include two more 120mm fans on the case door, so airflow shouldn’t be a concern. The screw-less design for the BUC makes installation and removal of parts a breeze without even sacrificing for audibility because all of the clips have enough pressure on them so they do not vibrate. Often on super cheap knock off cases the clips rattle due to cheap craftsmanship and that is not something that you see with the BUC.

The space behind the HDD bays really is the biggest downfall of the BUC because there is simply not enough room to route cables for the higher wattage power supplies. This is one of those cases where a modular power supply would be the best bet, but if you want a challenge a wired power supply will work with some innovative wire hiding. It would help if the In Win BUC was a bit wider and taller, but that would also bump the pricing a fair bit as well due to the extra material and shipping costs. In Win has come up with another appealing enthusiast/gamer case with the BUC and should be on the radar when shopping for a new case. The In Win BUC currently retails for as low as $89.99 plus $9.99 shipping and carries a 3-year warranty from In-Win.

Legit Bottom Line: For just under $100, the In-Win BUC is a sweet little PC case with large
budget features that make it a great choice for beginners and
enthusiasts alike!

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