In-Win BUC PC Gaming Case Review

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Installing Parts in the BUC

Now for the moment of truth: getting down to actually installing a system!

In-Win BUC Gaming Chassis Interior

For wire routing, the bottom right corner is set up very well, as most headers, SATA connections and front panel connections are in that area which is surrounded by cable pathways.

In-Win BUC Gaming Chassis Interior

With the CPU Heatsink and graphics card (ECS GTX 460 1GB, ~9.5″) installed, the case started getting a little cramped (mostly north of the CPU socket), but since I haven’t planned any tear downs in my immediate future, I’ll take the slightly limited space to work as a great reason to keep the BUC below $150.

In-Win BUC Gaming Chassis Rear Fully InstalledIn-Win BUC Gaming Chassis Front Panel Fully Installed

Not much to see new in the front or rear of the BUC but here they are for those more curious about the final appearance. One big thing that I had to get used to was the fact that the BUC does not have a front door to hide optical drives, but doors are a nuisance whenever you need to use optical drives or card readers so take that for what you will. Also notice I am using the USB 3.0 tray with a motherboard that only supports USB 2.0, so it is a free front panel USB port because no one wants to reach behind their computer to plug in an mp3 player or other USB device if they can plug it in the front.

In-Win BUC Gaming Chassis Motherboard Tray Wire Routing

This is not the prettiest sight for a system builder; the BUC provides plenty of places to route cables that are being used, but very little room for all the unused cables that non-modular power supplies come with. Nothing to worry about… once the side panel gets on.

In-Win BUC Gaming Chassis Side Panel

The lower side fan has a good stance to feed air to any expansion cards, but there is little room for the second fan with the height of my current HS/F.

In-Win BUC Gaming Chassis Front Panel Lighting

The included blue LED front intake fan is quite bright, with the calm amber red In-Win logo. Most people are particular toward LEDs because it really depends on a given room’s ambient lighting, but in this case I disconnected the blue LEDs on the fan and the left the logo illuminate as intended because my computer is always on but not always with any additional room light.

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