In-Win BUC PC Gaming Case Review

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In-Win BUC Exterior

In-Win BUC Gaming Chassis

The BUC uses the same pattern mesh covering the 5.25″ drive bays and intake and exhaust fans, creating the ‘Armor’ look and feel. The main things that catch my eye have to be the locking hot swap cover in the side panel, the blue Super Speed USB 3.0 hard drive dock and clips to fasten the side panels.

In-Win BUC Gaming Chassis Top USB3 Dock

The USB 3.0 dock is a 6.5″ square with strong and flat plastic which resembles diamond-plated steel.

In-Win BUC Gaming Chassis Top Fan

The top fan has the same mesh cover as the front, but with one of the supports missing in the center to said flow, making the thin mesh material warp in if you press on the center.

In-Win BUC Gaming Chassis Side Panel

The left side panel is simple and functional, while throwing flash in the mix with the In-Win badge. The mesh that holds the side fans is actually very thick steel which I can’t bend by hand much, if at all.

In-Win BUC Gaming Chassis Rear

Looking at the rear you see the USB3.0 cable going to the dock which is outside the chassis, as part of the top panel. Also note the yellow 120mm rear fan with bushings for the screws and the wide open expansion bays which utilize punch-outs instead of standard covers like the top expansion bay cover.

In-Win BUC Gaming Chassis Rear Details

Here is a closer look at some back panel parts; notice the key holder for the Hot-Swap bay lock or side panel lock.

In-Win BUC Gaming Chassis Side Panel

The right side panel of the BUC is very simple, showing nothing but a handle to help take the door off and clips.

In-Win BUC Gaming Chassis Bottom

Not much on the bottom either, but it’s not like your floorboards hold an opinion about the visual aspect of your computer so we’ll quickly check out that bottom filter and move on.

In-Win BUC Gaming Chassis Bottom Filter Mount

The air filter clips in like a cartridge between the rear feet and into the back of the case.

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