In-Win BUC PC Gaming Case Review

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Retail Box & Packaging

In-Win BUC Retail Package Front

The front of the BUC retail box shows several of the key features along the bottom, with a large shield which wraps around to the right side of the box. The center of the box has a flame and metal-work feel to it with the logos.

In-Win BUC Retail Package Side

The right side of the retail box features the shield wrapped from the front as mentioned, as well as the primary feature list and some small close-up shots.

In-Win BUC Retail Package Rear

The rear of the box simply shows an exterior shot of the BUC case with the Hot-Swap cover removed.

In-Win BUC Retail Bundle

The bundle included from In-Win includes keys for the Hot-Swap bay’s cover, regular coarse threaded screws and standoffs for motherboard fastening, coarse screws with rubber vibration-reducing washers, a 3-4 pin converter, motherboard speaker and zip ties. The bundle also comes with an assembly diagram, all fitting inside a small, but strong, cardboard box and the screws are individually bagged by type.

In-Win BUC Retail Bundle

Here is a closer look at the included screws, mainly to display the case fan screws in the bottom left and HDD screws at center.

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