How Much Is Your Last Name Worth? JLabAudio Trying To Buy Surname!

Are you looking for a way to make some quick cash? How about $34,500 to change your last name? A 30-year-old entrepreneur from Florida named Jason Sadler has came up with the idea to let people bid on his last name and it appears to be working out nicely for him. He launched the auction on and the current high bid is for $34,500 from JLabAudio, a maker of headphones and earbuds. The auction started on Nov. 1st and ends on Wednesday. Will Jason Sadler soon be Jason JLabAudio? It should be noted that Jason is giving 10% to charity (Cheerful Givers, a non-profit organization)!

Jason Sadler

I’m just a guy that four years ago decided the shirt off my back could be a valuable advertising space. In 2009, I started IWearYourShirt by getting companies to pay me to wear their T-shirts. In exchange, I made fun digital content for them, and introduced their businesses to my growing social media audience. I’ve built my company around the idea that marketing doesn’t have to be boring or impersonal. People engage with advertising more when it comes from someone they can relate to, and that someone is me.


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