Giveaway: Win 1 of 2 Corsair Water Coolers

corsair giveaway coolers

Legit Reviews has worked with Corsair to bring you a chance to win not one, but two of the best CPU water coolers that they make! The grand prize for this giveaway will be the Corsair H100i GTX Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler ($111.99 Shipped at Amazon) that has a beefy 240mm radiator and dual Corsair SP120L PWM fans that is sure to keep any processor nice and cool. This will be the grand prize of the contest We didn’t just want to give just one Corsair water cooler away, so we talked Corsair into letting us give another model away! For 2nd place we’ll be giving away a Corsair Hydro Series H80i GT water cooler ($99.99 shipped at Amazon) that has an extra-thick 120mm radiator and dual Corsair SP120L PWM fans for a nice push/pull fan configuration. Both of these water coolers should be worthy of cooling your system!

To enter the contest you can use the LockerDome application below and earn entries by completing any of the eight tasks below!

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  • Nathan Kirsch

    Congrats to Taylor and Radu!

  • Hoai Phuong

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! 🙂
    I’m going to hit the 4.0GHz daily on my old X58 system and this nice kit could easily help me to smoothly go through this! 😀

  • Michael McConnell

    I’ve been wanting to watercool my old I7 920 for a long time. This is my big chance.

  • Dylan Childers

    Thanks for the opportunity LR. The H100i GTX was what I was eyeing to go with my upcoming Skylake build. Already have the case (Enthoo Pro) and a 500GB 850 EVO for it. I’m waiting on the 6700k, Z170 MB(was thinking EVGA FTW, but I’m open to reading some legit reviews), MB approved DDR4, and Skylake compatible >1000W PSU. Having the chance to win the AIO cooler I was looking at would greatly free up some budget.

  • jpcfix

    Sweet prizes

  • MargaretAnn Rice

    My tech believes in Corsair products, thanks for the giveaway

  • 63Jax

    Thanks, Legit!

  • Brett

    Is it Global?

  • arttronics

    Thank you Legit Review and Corsair for creating this awesome CPU cooler giveaway. A while back, I purchased the Corsair 750 Watt PSU – TX750W and it has never, ever, given me a single problem. I respect the Corsair brand name for my current and future rig builds.

  • PaperScarecrow

    It’s nice to see a contest featuring an AIO cooler, my old hyper 212 is starting to break down from a lifetime in the Florida moisture and salty air. Didn’t think it was worth it to upgrade from air cooling since I’m still using a Sandy bridge CPU (i5-2500k), well, at least until the 212 kicks the bucket for good, or until the OC bug finally kicks in and forces me to try for some more GHz.

  • Erwin Thierry Klein Haneveld

    stange to be the first to comment here, nice giveaway although i wonder if I can actualy win it., , will see.

    • Nathan Kirsch

      It is rather strange… Almost 200 entries so far and just one comment!

      • Erwin Thierry Klein Haneveld

        its strange indeed, I would suggest that rules of this giveaway should be changed as showing respect by commenting on a giveaway should be a good I nice thing to do. That is why I always post a comment . I like those corsair coolers as I use one for every build now saving for the build of my sisters rig. I currently i will use a stock cooler (i5-4690K) so if I win one of those would come in handy for that build. but I still hope others will start commenting as I do not want to be the only one.