Gigabyte GP-Krypton MAT Two-Sided Gaming Mouse Pad Review

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GP-Krypton Mouse Mat Overview

Krypton Flexibility

As we can see that the GP-Krypton mouse mat is not exactly a hard surface type of mouse surface, but at the same time it is not a soft surface mouse mat either.


Krypton Side View

An up close shot of the edge of the GP-Krypton mouse mat, the cloth side of the mouse pad uses a foam rubber backing to make it this mouse mat more comfortable for us. While the bottom side, or hard side, uses a plastic stiffener that helps give this mouse mat some rigidity so that it will stay level and flat.

Krypton Fabric Side

The side that is currently facing us is the fabric side, of the GP-Krypton mouse mat. Both sides of this mouse mat have the same exact amount of surface area. Also Gigabyte uses a large non-slip rubber border to help keep this mouse mat in place during one of our long gaming sessions.

Krypton Rubber Border

A close up look at the large non-slip rubber border that is on both sides of the GP-Krypton mouse mat, this border also has small ridges on it that will also aide in keeping this mouse mat in place.

Krypton Measurement Length 1
Krypton Measurement Length 2

Time to see exactly how big this mouse mat really is, and looking at the tape measurer we can see that from side to side this mouse mat measures almost 16.5” across, total length, the actual useable mouse surface is about 13” across.

Krypton Height Measurement 1
Krypton Height Measurement 2

Looking that the measurement from top to bottom, this mouse mat measures roughly 11.25” in total height, and roughly 10.25” of usable mouse surface.

So just a quick recap of the measurements, total width and height of this mouse may is 16.5” across by 11.25” high. For the interior, or usable mouse surface is 13” across by 10.25” high. Which telling me one thing, this mouse mat is by far small, and should be plenty large enough for me to use with my extended desktop resolution of 5760 x 1080.

Krypton Use

As we can see that the GP-Krypton mouse mat does take up quite a bit of my computer work area, and when we compare it to my HP keyboard we can truly get an idea of the sheer size of this particular mouse mat.

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