GELID Launches Rev. 2 Silent Spirit CPU Cooler

GELID Solutions today unveiled the 2nd revision of its Silent Spirit CPU cooler, which is a top flow mid-range level CPU Cooler. The major enhancement on this CPU cooler is that it now uses Heatpipe Direct Touch Technology. The flattened copper heatpipes with direct contact to the CPU surface ensure maximum heat transfer from CPU to the aluminum fins. On the previous generation the heatpipes connected to a copper baseplate and did not touch the CPU. The best news about this CPU cooler is that is still costs $35 (Euro 23), which is the same price as before. So, at the end of the day GELID improved a CPU cooler and kept the price the same! That doesn’t happen too often!

GELID Silent Spirit Rev 2 CPU cooler

GELID Rev. 2 Silent Spirit CPU Cooler Features:

  • Quad Sintered Heatpipes
  • Unique Fin Architecture
  • Special Heatsink Angle Design
  • Heatpipe Direct Touch Technology
  • Optimized Air Flow Concept
  • Intelligent PWM Fan Control Curve

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