FyreTV BoXXX Review – A Media Player For Streaming Adult Content

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FyreTV BoXXX – Streaming Adult Entertainment


When the Legit Reviews team was in Las Vegas this year for CES, we were exposed to some very cool and interesting technology including some next-generation set-top media players by heavyweights in the entertainment industry.  At the same time CES 2011 was going, right across the street AVN’s Adult Entertainment Expo was being held which was drawing a lot of attention for very similar reasons.  Besides all of the models and adult stars on hand, there was plenty of technology to get excited about. Remember, this was the same conference that pushed HD and HD 3D standards well before their mainstream brethren had committed.

One company, FyreTV, had something very cool that we wanted to get our hands on – the Fyre BoXXX.  The FyreTV BoXXX is a media streamer for Adult content through IPTV (Internet Protocol Television).  That’s a fancy way of saying a porn-only media player.  

FyreTV had actually already released a BoXXX at the previous AVN, but
what they had on display was a High-Definition version that they had
planned to come to market in Q1 2011.  Their business model is simple: For a
monthly fee, a user can have access to unlimited content of instant
content streaming directly to their television of choice.  No more
sneaking those DVDs in and out of the house or dorm, or trying to
download content through illegal and virus-happy sites online. 

FyreTV has partnered with some of the largest names in the Adult
Entertainment industry to serve content to subscribers in a very unique
way.  A user can purchase content by the title, by the minute, by scene,
or by production house.  This is by far the most creative way to serve
media to users who are very picky about the content they pay for.


We were not able to get the high-definition model of the BoXXX yet, but FyreTV promised us that we would be first in line once they start mass producing the new HD BoXXX.  While we are waiting for the HD BoXXX we might as well take the Standard-Definition BoXXX for a spin.

The SD BoXXX comes with wireless 802.11B/G as well as 10/100 Ethernet input.  The BoXXX connects to your television or monitor via HDMI, S-video, composite, or component so it doesn’t matter what kind of television you have you can connect it.  Physically, the box doesn’t look any different than any other media player we have examined at Legit.  There are really no large markings on the front or on top that screams “Porn here!”  In fact, if you didn’t know what it did, you would think it is just another tech-toy. Of course, the physical appearance of the BoXXX is by design.

There are many different ways to view content using the FyreTV BoXXX and
that makes this one of the most ingenious media players around.  There
is a subscription fee of $9.95 a month that gives subscribers 100
minutes of content viewing from all of the movies and studios in BoXXX
library.  You can add on to this ‘basic’ service by purchasing the
Unlimited Title Rental option that lets you rent any title for an
unlimited viewing. Not only can you rent individual movies for an
unlimited amount of time, you are able to rent scenes from various
movies as well. 


There is an Unlimited Studio Package that gives users unlimited access to
thousands of movies from their favorite studios with a monthly price of
$6.99 to $39.99 depending on the production house and number of movies
made available.



The genius of the FyreTV media player is that you can purchase content
in all these different ways.  It is by far the most flexible way to
deliver media – let alone adult content – on the market today.  Netflix
doesn’t let you search on your favorite actor and pay for only the
scenes of that actor.  Apple TV metadata is excellent, but it won’t give
me Charlize Theron’s measurement, and it certainly doesn’t have any
information on Katie Kox.

I’m actually surprised we don’t see more of this type of business model with mainstream media streamers.  The FyreTV BoXXX has some great ideas to deliver content, but I guess we shouldn’t be surprised since the “Adult Entertainment” industry has been ahead of the technology curve for some time. Whether it was for mass marketing of content, the push to move to DVDs from VHS, or 3D high-definition content, the Adult Entertainment industry has always been on the forefront of using new technology to deliver their content.

Before we check out the content, let’s look at what you get in the box and see just how hard it is to set up.

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