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Game Test 2 – New Calico

The second game test is called ‘New Calico’ and reminds us of the game X3: Reunion, which was one of our favorite game benchmarks of years past. Each test has its own emphasis on specific techniques, so this test is totally different than the Jane Nash test shown on the previous page.

Image Description

The New Calico test scene represents a vast space scene with lots of moving but rigid objects and special content like a huge planet and a dense asteroid belt.

Image Description

Features of Graphics Test 2: New Calico

  • Almost entirely consists of moving objects
  • No skinned objects
  • Variance shadow mapping shadows
  • Lots of instanced objects
  • Local and global ray-tracing effects (Parallax Occlusion Mapping, True Impostors and volumetric fog)

Image Description

The New Calico test is unique since all the objects being rendered are not skinned and constantly moving. This game test also includes ray-tracing, which is something that has been gaining interest in the gaming sector for a couple of years now.

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