Fresh Outlook

Firefox and the Netscape browsers from the Mozilla Foundation have grabbed a lot of attention lately, but no “ditch Microsoft” effort is complete as long as your e-mail is humming through Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. After all, the Microsoft Outlook siblings are among the most popular targets for virus writers and worm mavens. Malicious attachments and malformed HTML e-mail messages pose a serious vulnerability for many PCs.

While no program can match the soup-to-nuts features thrown into the comprehensive Outlook program, you’ll be surprised just how close you can get. In many cases you can look forward to easier navigation, snappier performance, and a reasonable set of junk-mail and spam controls. You’ll even find a few welcome features Outlook hasn’t gotten around to yet–like integrated RSS feeds for keeping tabs on the latest updates to your favorite Web sites. Among the top contenders……..”


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