FollowUp: More Single Layer to Dual Layer Modding

Legit Reader Dale has just tested the instructions listed in our latest Modding Review: Single Layer to Dual Layer.  The only difference being that he tested them with the Lite-On 812s Single Layer Burner. We had hinted in our article that it appears to be the case that the Lite-On 812s is the exact same drive as our Sony DW-U18A. So a big thanks to Dale for testing our instructions on his drive!

Here is a screen shot he emailed to me:

Originally a 812s DVD burner

“I followed your instructions and it works great no problems. I am able to burn normal DVD+R’s and DVD-R’s with no problems but i don’t have any DL media to burn to. I will go to Wal-Mart tomorrow and buy some they have 3 for $30. Here is a screen shot. the AXV cd drive is an imulation from Alcohol 120%.”

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