FCC One Step Closer To Killing Net Neutrality

Today, in a 3-2 vote directly opposing Net Neutrality, the FCC decided to propose a ruling to allow corporations to buy their way into an internet “fast lane”. The fight’s not over yet though, and many gathered outside the FCC headquarters in Washington, D.C. to voice their opposition. One of the protesters, Sandra Fulton of the ACLU, refers to her opposition as “..one of the largest free speech fights in the 21st century.”


While the last time the FCC proposed and failed to gain approval for new Net Neutrality rules in 2010, there’s no guarantee it’ll happen again. Many now look to President Barack Obama to step in, having pledged himself to a free and open internet during his candidacy. 

No one sleeps in the street to save a couple dollars on Netflix. No one turns out to an obscure government agency at 9:00 in the morning for faster Angry Birds. But when our fundamental rights to speak, to organize, and to fight for a better future are threatened we will turn out. And we won’t give up until we win. -Demand Progress’s Nathan White

A free and open Internet is an important 21st-century civil rights issue. Black communities know the devastating impact of having our voices shut out by corporations. The Internet is a forum where we can speak, access information, and organize without a corporate filter. […]We cannot allow rules that would create a fast lane for wealthy corporations while relegating the rest of us to a second-class Internet.  It’s past time to reclassify the Internet as the public utility that it is. – Rashid Robinson from Color of Change

Demand Progress and Color of Change were both actively involved in protesting today’s decision, and offer online petitions against it (and many other pressing political issues).

FCC Protesters

Protesters at the FCC Photo Credit: Free Press

While the FCC tries to tell the public that the new “fast lane” does not imply a slow lane, the threat is inherent. AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, and others have all been inching their way towards the destruction of the open internet through blocking law abiding content or providing free access to sponsored content. But there’s still time to turn this around and keep the internet autonomous, it’s an excellent time to find and contact your state officials and let them know your stance. Find your elected official’s information here and shoot them an email, letter, or even a fax.

  • john doe

    ‘Murica 2014 = Oligarchy
    Corporations = have taken over our institutions, including the FCC
    FCC = Unelected body packed with corrupted lobbyists unilaterally decide our future
    1% = the enemy of every citizen of this nation
    Buying election with billions $$$ Super PAC = Cancer to democracy
    FREE Internet = biggest threat to the 1% absolute power and control
    Absolute power = the 1% will *NEVER* let it go willingly
    Civil war = the only solution to pry that power from the 1% cold dead hands?

    When the elites so indecently abuse their power, history have shown again and again that those abusers tend to lose their heads… 320 millions people will *NOT* surrender to corporate fascism. The 1% can’t kill us all. We WILL prevail.

    are 6 simple steps to avoid such a catastrophic and inevitable conclusion:

    1- The Internet must remain 100% free, no ‘but’ no ‘if’, no conditions. This
    must be added to the constitution as an inalienable right for every citizen.

    2- The largest ISPs, including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Cox and
    AT&T, must split in many smaller, independent companies AND they must be
    labeled as “common carrier”. (
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_carrier ).

    3- An absolute wall of separation between money and politic must be erected. No
    one should be able to influence politicians decisions with money and every
    politician’s decisions should be and only be “citizen’s interests
    first”. Also to be included in the constitution.

    4- We should increase politician’s salary by a factor of 10 and impose sever
    criminal charges with automatic minimum 5 years imprisonment under the charges
    of “high treason against the people” for any corrupted politicians.
    Revolving doors should be criminalized.

    5- Corporations and dollars are NOT people and should NOT have the same rights
    as actual real human beings. In fact, the interests of a single human being
    should always come before any corporations interests, no matter what the

    6- Unelected bodies such as the FCC, especially when 100% packed with former
    lobbyists at the exclusive service of corporations, should NOT have executive
    power but merely do recommendations that democratically elected politicians can
    freely choose to adopt or completely ignore.