EVGA GTX 400 Series High-Flow Exhaust Bracket Review

Ever wonder how much the backplate on a graphics card effects airflow and temperatures? Well Nate is at it again testing EVGA’s aftermarket high-flow exhaust bracket on his GeForce GTX 480. Read on to see how much of a difference the exhaust brackets actually make!

EVGA GTX 400 Series Video Card Exhaust Bracket

EVGA recently announced that they have begun to sell their NVIDIA GeForce GTX 400 Series High-Flow Video Card Exhaust Bracket that is said to lower GPU temperatures by up to 5C. The bracket is compatible with GeForce GTX 480, 470, & 465 video cards and is available for $9.99 shipped. If you own a registered EVGA GeForce GTX 400 series video card then you can get the bracket for $4.99 as they give it to you for just the cost of shipping and handling. Our frequent readers will remember that we showed you this bracket at Computex 2010, so EVGA has gotten this to market very quickly.


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