EVGA E761 X58 SLI Classified Motherboard Review

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Overclocking Results

To kick things off, I decided I’d try what I’ve always had trouble with on previous boards: booting into Windows at 220bclk. This was done on the box cooler and with minimal tweaking done in the BIOS.

EVGA E761 X58 Classified 220bclk

Quite surprised, I decided to start benching the chip. Unfortunately, I was thermally limited to around 3.8GHz due to only owning the box cooler that came with the chip. To kick things up a bit I decided to pull out the mini cascade and give the board a whirl. Click the images for the full screenshot.

EVGA E761 X58 Classified 32.9k 3Dmark 2006

EVGA E761 X58 Classified wPrime 1024m at 4800Mhz

EVGA E761 X58 Classified SuperPi 32M at 4950MHz

EVGA E761 X58 Classified wPrime 32M at 5025MHz

Unfortunately, I don’t have a very good Core i7 920; its max base clock is 242MHz. With a Xeon w3540 I expect all the benchmarks to be stable at an additional 300Mz if not more. This was all accomplished with IHS temperatures around -80 Celsius, a little colder than what is possible with dry ice. That being said I was able to mimic all of these results on dry ice with a Koolance CPU-LN2 pot and even run SuperPi 32M at 5GHz after a little tweaking. The EVGA E761 X58 Classified in combination with a little cold turns even a mediocre Core i7 920 into an overclocking beast.

Just to give you an idea, the Core i7 965, a C0 revision processor, was hitting these speeds on LN2 on a good day, while the Core i7 920 D0 revision processor when combined with the EVGA E761 Classified does this all day long. For the price of a 965 you can purchase a Classified and a Xeon w3540 for $609 shipped or an Core i7 950, which will walk all over the Core i7 965. The Classified really unlocked the potential in these Core i7 processors.

Writer’s Note: After completing the overclocking segment I found a guide by Shamino, one of if not the man responsible for the Classified. The guide discusses the various voltage and timing settings that can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful experience with the Classified.

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