ENERMAX Announces The T60 CPU Cooler

ENERMAX announced a pair of CPU coolers tonight that are both affordable and appear to cool really well. The ENERMAX ETD-60 series feature new AAP (Auto-Adjustable-Pressure) universal brackets that allow support for various CPU sockets and give perfect contact force (18~28kgw) in between CPU and cooler. ENERMAX says the new CPU cooler, ETD-T60, with down flow solutions will have a thermal resistance down to 0.12°C/W. The ETD-60 is available in two models, the ETD-T60-TB and ETD-T60-VD. The difference between the two models is that the ETD-T60-VD has 11 switchable light modes on the LED fan and a fan cover mount for an extra $10. The ETD-T60-TB is priced at $59 and the ETD-T60-VD is $69.

ENERMAX  ETD-60 series

ETD-T60 series CPU cooler, with leading thermal resistance performance of 0.12 °C/W attributes to ENERMAX unique Vortex Generator Flow, Vacuum Effect Flow technology and renowned Twister Bearing fan, gives your computer reliable
cooling performance for CPU and its surrounding devices. ETD-T60 CPU cooler equips new patented AAP (Auto-Adjustable-Pressure) universal brackets, supporting various CPU sockets with perfect contact force.


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