ECS H67H2-M Black Edition Motherboard Review

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Starcraft II

Starcraft II Wings of Liberty

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Performance Benchmark

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is a military science fiction
real-time strategy video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment for
Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. A sequel to the award-winning 1998 video
game StarCraft, the game was released worldwide on July 27, 2010. It is
split into three installments: the base game with the subtitle Wings of
Liberty, and two upcoming expansion packs, Heart of the Swarm and
Legacy of the Void. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty has had a successful
launch, selling three million copies worldwide in less than a month.

We tested Starcraft II at Ultra Settings on both the GPU and CPU at resolutions of 1024×760, 1680×1050, and 1920×1080.

Starcraft II

And this is where things get interesting. We got the i5 2500K on-board graphics (G3000) up against an ECS GT 240, a sub $100 add-in card. Clearly Starcraft II is running better on the GT 240, but the performance of the Sandy Bridge GPU shows that it’s capable of playing one of the most popular games today.

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