ECS A780GM-A Ultra Black Series Motherboard Review

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ECS A780GM-A Ultra Motherboard Review


The ECS A780GM-A Ultra is a great addition to the lineup of the Black Series of motherboards from ECS. We were totally impressed by what we saw with the board as we tested. But, I am supposed to write all this kind of stuff in a conclusion, so let’s cut to the chase…


Performance on this board was very good considering the limitations of the DDR timings. It seems like we are running in to this more and more with boards. But the lack of tight timings did not hinder the performance really at all as we tested. This board hung with the rest, and even outpaced the others at times.

The layout and setup of the board were just fine. No issues. No problems. This is a good part of the conclusion for me not to have to say much!

The bundle was good, especially considering the price of the board.

Speaking of price, this board is coming in at around $70, which is a really good price for all that you get, and for the performance of the board among its peers.


Legit Bottom Line: Bottom line is that ECS did a great job with this board. It is a great value, and even without being able to run tighter timings with our DDR2 sticks, it performed great. This is a board worthy of looking at, and of our Value Award!


ECS A780GM-A Ultra Motherboard Review

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