Early “For Honor” Game Reviews may be Short on Content, and there is a Reason

We are all used to reviews of the latest big name games landing the day the game launches and typically there are a lot of those reviews that go very deep and give a great overview of a new game start to finish. This isn’t the case with the game For Honor that launched yesterday. The reason for that is simple, game reviewers didn’t get hands on the game until it launched.

I can only assume the reason for this is that Ubisoft wanted to squash any chance of a leak ahead of the official launch. What that means for gamers looking for reviews before plunking down their hard-earned money is that the reviews might be far from as detailed as you are used to seeing. It’s hard to make a good opinion of a game in only a few hours.

The good news is that you can expect much more detailed reviews of the game to land later in the week. That means if you are the sort who has a hard time waiting to get something new and shiny, you will have to take a chance and grab the slash-and-hack title For Honor and give it a try before reading reviews.

If it makes you feel better, many of the early (albeit short on time and content) reviews that are out show that the For Honor is actually pretty cool. I’ve got high hopes for the title, I loved Oblivion back in the day and that is the last hack-and-slash title that I played a lot.

Forbes reports that the game is a new concept, but that so far with the limited hands on time it seems to work. Think about For Honor as a fighting game in the body of a third-person title with a structure similar to that of a PvP shooter. The graphics look pretty good too. If you ever wanted to live out your King Arthur fantasies, this is the modern game to let you do that.