Disabling NVIDIA Streamer Service Gives Video Card Performance Boost?

If you are a Reddit user and like to read the PC Master Race subreddit you might have noticed there is a thread going on about how to get a performance boost on your NVIDIA GeForce video card. The thread basically goes into detail about how to disable the NVIDIA Streaming Service that is used by NVIDIA SHIELD owners to stream their game titles. It appears that this service is setup to run automatically by default and is said to lower your frame-rate by 3-5% when gaming. If you don’t have an NVIDIA SHIELD this service doesn’t need to be running all the time and you can disable it manually by the method described below by the Reddit user lhikary.

Recently i found that my card was trying to stream games to a nvidia shield even though i dont own one and it was eating at my cpu and destroying my framerate in games however i found a way to close down this process. click the windows icon in the bottom left and search “services” Next open up services and locate “NVIDIA Streamer Service” Open the service and stop the service if its running then disable the service. Do all this and hit apply and you’ll be able to see a noticable framerate boost and drop in your cpu usage!


Legit Reviews contacted NVIDIA and found out that they are aware of this issue and how it is “affecting a small subset of systems” that use GeForce video cards. They also plan to have a fix for this issue in an update for GeForce Experience that will be coming out in early May. Maybe we’ll see the option to enable/disable NVIDIA streaming services in the days ahead so no manual editing is required!

If you manually install your driver and do a custom install you might have already have this service disabled! AMD Radeon users might be laughing right now, but keep in mind AMD users can disable the AMD External Events Utility and AMD FUEL Service for a small performance bump as well. If you want the most performance that is possible there is usually always something you can disable to give you an extra percent or two!

  • cat1092

    If one doesn’t need nor use the nVidia Streamer Service, then it should be disabled from startup, either in msconfig, or if a CCleaner user, as many Windows users are, can be disabled there in the Startup tab. For now, or at least until I get the GTX 1070 that I want, have this service set to disabled. Will reassess the need when I purchase/install the card. For those with a GTX 960, chances are that it’s not needed. Maybe with a GTX 970 or higher, it would be, as long as the person is using the service. If not, disable & leave it as so. Newer driver versions (unless the Clean Install tab is checked) won’t change this setting,

    In fact, any software that doesn’t have a valid use should be disabled or removed, this increases startup/shutdown times & probably will benefit system performance. One can open the Task Manager to see what services are running that’s not needed, though be certain it’s not a Windows process, otherwise may end up with an unbootable computer.

    Though less seldom, sometimes it takes a Windows Registry edit to disable some types of software. If this is necessary, it may be time to ask yourself, ‘do I need this one?’.


    • d0x360

      There’s even more now than there was a year ago when this was posted. I’m trying to squeeze every frame out of a gtx 1080fe because I have a 4k display. Telemetry had no effect but Nvidia doesn’t need to know everything i do on my PC so that has to be shut off with every driver update…sigh

      Turning off their raid driver and shield/streaming/Ansel stuff appears to have a small but nearly pointless difference. It’s maybe 1-3 fps depending on the game

      I gotta say I miss my amd drivers. It was so much easier to disable or just not install the extra nonsense. Even with a custom install Nvidia loads you up with background services you either don’t need it in the case of telemetry definitely don’t want

  • doobydude

    thank you for this. didnt even know you could do this, or ther ewas even such a thing until i was looking att my

  • Iconoclaster

    NvStreamNetworkService.exe throws a lot of crashes in Windows 10 x64’s Reliability Monitor, on a daily basis.
    What a piece of junk!

  • AAA

    nVIDIA is like a cunning Hyena. Always pushing updates and what not to degrade your Graphics card performance. I have decided to go back to the original driver my PC came with. I ain’t falling for their trap to degrade my Graphic card performance and then realize I need a new one. This is how they make money!

    Say NO to nVIDIA Updates! *Hiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssss* Rise my brothers!

    • Tyler Cox

      i have a 760, what should i be on to prevent this from happening?

      • AAA

        Just pray my friend. 🙁

  • Cat Tilley

    The problem is still there, I has to force shut down Windows several times because the nVidia Streamer service wouldn’t stop (applied a registry entry to view startup/shutdown processes at boot/shutdown). Thinking of going with the Windows WHQL drivers instead.

    This is early January 2016, not early May 2015.

    • sab alex

      hello how can you see the boot/shutdown processes please help me thanks

      • cat1092

        Check this out, here’s what you want to know.


        One of my Windows 7 OS’s is setup this way, because I needed to see what was hanging at shutdown. The culprit was the nVidia streamer service, wouldn’t stop. With some research (Google is your friend) you can learn many of these tricks w/out asking anyone.;-)


  • bobdoesnotcare

    A fix in May? It’s September and it still does it.

  • JMG

    Turns my computer speed to that of a Chevy Impala.

    • AAA

      LOL. Mine’s running like a Jaguar. 😀


    Have to compare this tactic with the results from the newest experience/driver download. I do not believe I’ve ever had an issue, but would be nice to see if I do or not….

  • Norvil

    Once I shut this service down – I was able to use my PC again. This service had been actively making windows randomly active for one or two seconds, then bringing them back. I could not type a single word in a search bar, without the window “graying” out, then coming back 2 seconds later. I only discovered this by systematically closing each service (that I could). When I close the Streamer, my PC was back! Feel free to pass this along if anyone is having similar issues.

  • Bottoz

    True or False… AMD FUEL service is the overclocking utility built into CCC. So if you’re overclocked in CCC and disable that service, you’ll lose performance and go back to stock clocks.

    • Justin Smith

      YOu should overclock your CPU from your bios you lazy turd, unless your talking about you GPU then you should be using afterburner not Fuel or overdrive cause they suck ballz!

  • wadwadaw

    “3-5%” “destroying my framerate” …This guy’s either crying a river over nothing or has a piece of shit computer. Either way it doesn’t effect me enough to go through the trouble of disabling those services.

    • Mukatahren

      3-5% is not insignificant when talking about performance gains, especially with the more demanding applications. Additionally, this service has been responsible for system crashes and BSOD’s. If you are allowing a service to run when you don’t even have the hardware to take advantage of it – you’re not real bright anyway. For the record – nobody gives a toss if ti effects you or not, nor if you are too lazy or stupid to try it out for yourself. And nobody cares what sort of computer you own, either.

      • Justin Smith

        Maybe he likes wasting additional resources, to each his own!~

    • Vanadise

      Just for reference, my gaming PC has been randomly stuttering to a halt and then freezing — as though some program was suddenly taking up all of the RAM and making everything else page to disk — for about half a year now.

      Just recently I managed to get the task manager opened right as it started stuttering and before everything locked up, and I discovered the Nvidia Streamer Service taking up over 3 GB of RAM.

      Now that that thing is disabled, no more freezes and everything runs smooth.

    • Bronn

      It takes 15 seconds to find the settings to disable them. If that is trouble to you, I wonder how you function in your daily life at all.

  • mike921

    Great tip, thanks!

  • basroil

    I disabled the streamer service from the get-go, not sure why it’s not disabled when no shield is paired.