Digital Storm Releases Their Completely Custom Aventum II PC

First unveiled in January at CES 2013, Digital Storm has just opened the doors to its latest powerhouse, the Aventum II. Each Aventum II is custom built utilizing only the absolute best components available today. With inspiration from high-end automotive cooling systems, you will find fine handcrafted crafted nickel-plated copper watercooling piping throughout, making each and every system unique. The chassis is custom built with no plastic and houses three massive 420mm radiators amongst many other features.

The Aventum II Level I “Good” model starts off at $4,999 and can run you over $9,500 for the Level 4 “Ultimate” model! These can include the Intel i7EE processors and the beastly Nvidia GTX Titan video card. These systems are definitely going to be for your extreme enthusiast with some cash to burn, but in turn you receive a gorgeous, well thought out heap of awesome hardware.

Digital Storm Aventum II

“We (Digital Storm) unveiled an Aventum II prototype at CES 2013 and have been working to prefect the design since,” said Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s Director of Product Development. “The final product is a unique system, completely designed from the ground up featuring a bold look and packing enough power to go toe to toe with any PC on the planet.”


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