Diamond Radeon HD 5750 OC Video Card Review

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Power Consumption

To test the power consumption of the Diamond Radeon HD5750 the test bench was plugged into a P3 Kill-A-Watt. Idle power consumption was taken 15 minutes after logging into Windows 7 with no other programs running. The load tests were done running FurMark 1.70 with a resolution of 1024×768. This brought the load on the GPUs to 100%.

Sapphire Vapor-X power consumption

I was shocked about the Diamond Radeon HD5750 in regards to its idle state. Unlike the other two 5750’s and even the HD5870 the Diamond Radeon HD5750 doesn’t throttle back as far. All three of the other cards (both 5750’s and the 5870) throttle the core back to 157MHz and the memory back to 300MHz. The Diamond Radeon HD5750 drops the core back to 400MHz and the memory stays at 1170MHz.


Benchmark Results: The Diamond Radeon HD5750 drew the most power of all the 5750’s at both load and idle. It wasn’t a massive difference, but it was a difference. It was expected since it does have higher clock and memory speeds at load and idle.

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