Diamond Multimedia Launches UE3000 USB3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Diamond Multimedia has introduced the newest addition to their USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter line, the Diamond UE3000 USB3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter. The high performance plug-and-play Gigabit Ethernet adapter offers energy efficient settings while still providing the most proficient Ethernet adapter services for most operating systems by using a standard USB port. It uses the ASIX AX88179 Chipset and supports all USB 3.0 power saving modes (U0, U1, U2, and U3) as well as IEEE 802.3az (Energy Efficient Ethernet). The adapter measures 2.5 x 1.0 x 0.6 inches, so it is also small and easily portable for those on the go. The Diamond UE3000 USB3.0 Gigabit Ethernet adapter is now available and the device retails for $29.99.

Diamond Multimedia UE3000

The Diamond UE3000 USB3.0 Gigabit Ethernet adapter offers a wide array of features including IPv4/IPv6 checksum offload engine, crossover detection and auto-correction, TCP large send offload and IEEE802.3az EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) that allows the device to enter a low power idle state to reduce power and to achieve a more energy efficient Ethernet adapter. It supports dynamic cable length detection and dynamic power adjustment Green Ethernet in Gigabit mode.

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