Destiny 2 “Version not Available” Workarounds for Irate Gamers

Few things in life will make a gamer as mad as a game that won’t work as it is supposed to do. Some gamers with legitimate copies of Destiny 2 are getting an error message telling them “This Version of Destiny is No Longer Available.” There is no official fix for this error right now, but there are some workarounds out there that other gamers have tired that have fixed the issue.

The first thing Twinfinite says that gamers should try is checking manually for updates. To do that you need to use the game’s “Check for Update” option on the PS4 or Xbox One. Word is that this fixes the issue for some users and it can be used to fix an error that causes the game to take a long time to start as well.

Another thing that gamers having this issue are reportedly having success with is clearing the console cache. This is said to help the update be more readable by the game. An excessive amount of items downloading in the background is also said to potentially contribute to the error.

As for the cause of the error, it may well be that work is being done on the game itself and the server hasn’t been updated, giving the error to players. The real fix here might be to just wait until the updating of servers is done and then your game will work fine. With Bungie having promised lots of new content on an ongoing basis this error might crop up at different times and the key here is that reports indicate the issue will resolve itself most of the time. Destiny 2 is expected to move 5 million copies on PC when it launches in late October.