Destiny 2 Expected to Move up to 5 Million Copies on PC

Destiny 2 will land on PC later this year and it will be the first game in the Destiny franchise to do so. A new report was published by SuperData Research and that report claims that during the first three months Destiny 2 will sell 4-5 million units on PC alone. The company says that to come by that number it compared the performance of the original game on console and PC to other titles launched during that period.

As Gamespot rightly points out, the original Destiny didn’t launch on PC so we have to wonder exactly what SuperData Research is talking about there. Perhaps they meant they compared how Destiny 1 did on consoles to other AAA games on consoles and then compared that to how similar AAA games did on PC during the same time frame.

The forecast does take into advantage that the only place the game will be offered is via Battlenet for PC gamers. This is an interesting forecast and with PC gamers having a much larger install base, the game will undoubtedly move a huge number of copies.

Destiny 2 launches on PS4 and Xbox One in September. The PC launch of the game will happen in October. Beta play for PC gamers starts in August and next week for console gamers. Destiny 2 also promises “a lot more story” than the original game.

[via Gamespot]